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A few months back I was reading an article about one of the biggest car restoration shops in the world… Specialised in Mustangs, restomod Mustangs that is! Restomod is when you restore a classic car and restore it with modern parts to make it safer and often faster then it ever was original. Big breaks, Coilover suspension and whatever you want to improve the handling of a classic car . All to improve on the old engineering by using modern engineering.

Restored Ford Mustand

Ford Mustang

So i sent them an email asking if i could visit to see the cars and take some pictures to share with Scandinavian carnuts. We agreed on a time and place…it was just to wait for out trip to Philippines.

Classic Speed Inc address is located in Clark Freeport area in Angeles City. This is a «taxfree» area where USA used to have their military base. So if they get a Mustang shipped to Clark Freeport, restore the car, and ship it out to the final destination, there will be no taxes while in Clark freeport. They also have a big marked in Philippines with actors like Coco Martin (Known actor in Philippines) and others with the resource to buy these amazing cars… Because these are truly works of art!

Willott, who is the son of one of the owners and head of sales, showed me around the shop and explained the whole process from an empty shell ( They provide chassies ore you can ship them your car) to finished car. Each car is assigned a unique number and a build sheet with all the preferences of the customer. At this point the builders know what engine, what color, AC ore no AC, rollcage and so on.

Empty shell of a Mustang

It all starts with a empty shell…

1 stage: This is where the chassi, if rusty and just a shell, is placed in a jig made for that model mustang chassi. Here its cleaned up, sandblasted and new panels welded to the car. The jig helps with aligning everything and making sure the car stays straight. As most car guys know, Mustangs has no frame, and the chassi is what carries the cars stiffness and straightness, So if you remove panels, the whole car might shift and become useless… The jig makes sure it`s all where its suppose to be.

2 stage is the preperation of the naked shell. Here it gets a basecoat and protection against rusting again. Then the car goes over to the body station. Here

Prepping for paint

Preparing the car`s for paint according to the clients wishes

every part is test fitted and adjusted to leave perfect gaps and alignment. As we know, cars built in the 60`s was not always perfectly aligned. But at Classic Speed inc they build showcar finish and nothing passes this stage before its up to the highest standard. Willott explains that they do this carefully to make sure there is nothing left to adjust after paint is on the car.

Do you want a scoop on your hood or maybe a custom air intake? Why not go wide body? Together with the customers they design anything you would like to set your car apart from the crowd. Everything done in metal!

3 stage is Paint. Here they have the best painters in Philippines, painting every part that`s been refurbished in a modern paintbooth. They make sure that the finish of the paintwork would pass in any carshow as perfect. And of course the best quality paint is being used. Colors and combination of colors is all up to the customers preferences.

4 stage is assembly. All parts have been test fitted before paint and in this stage it`s a simple installment job. At this stage doors should close perfectly and gaps on the fenders and hood should be even.

Apolstery/Interior department will build you the interior you dream of. If it`s stock seats in vinyl or classy sport seats in italian leather, they can do it all. Custom center consoles with room for a modern navigation covered in Italian leather with perfect stitching to the customers preference. Here sky is the limit and they can make whatever the customers wishes

Engine and suspension: The heart of the car can be whatever you like. If you want a 68 Camaro with a modern LS engine with a supercharger? They will get it for you. Big block in a 69 Mustang? Well that dont really fit the Mustang chassi, but they can still build it for you. They where building a Jon Wick Mustang (Jon Wick is a Hollywood blockbuster movie staring Keanu Reeves as the main character) with this mod done to it. They removed the strut housing and made the engine compartment wider to accommodate the big Block engine. This mean they have to modify the suspension and everything around it…No problem. All parts are from the US and of high quality.

Reflective Mach 1 Logo

Reflective Mach 1 stickers

On the floor there was a beutifull Mustang 69 Mack 1 with a crazy engine. 1200Hp!!! This is the most powerfull engine to date put in these cars from Classic Cars. It proves that anything you dream of you can have. All engines are ordered from US at the start of the project and buildt in US. They also do engine restoration and rebuilding inhouse if you have an engine already for your car.

Before the car is delivered to the customer the customer will go there and inspect the car in driving condition. In Clark freeport there are some great roads to test drive the car on and if there is anything wrong or that you would like to have done, they will do it! Is there a faint rattling sound from a panel, maybe some sound from the air passing a gasket or a window seal…No problem. Here customers pay premium for premium service and premium cars!!

Whats in store for 2018? Well they are building 3 new cars that will be for sale in 2018. All 3 cars from the Hollywood movie Fast `n Furious. Would you like to own a replica of the The Dodge Challenger Vin Diesel drives in the movie? Well soon you can.

If you have a Porsche, Fiat, Toyota ore any other car you would like to restore they will restore any car for you. They keep the customer involved step by step and always make sure your happy with the end result. I resto-mod build takes aprox. 12months from empty shell to a show ready car, so you better just order one right away so you can be ready for the 2019 season.

Visit Classic Speed Inc here

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